Eine kurze Entwicklungsgeschichte zu meinem Produkt, den Biognosis Tools. Und warum ich fest daran glaube, dass dieses Produkt seinen Markt hat.

Ich war von Kindesbeinen an eine Forschernatur. Am meisten interessierten mich Lebewesen. Bei Fernseh-Sendungen wie „Rendezvous mit Tier und Mensch“ mit Otto König klebte ich förmlich vor dem Bildschirm.

Wenn ich irgendein Buch haben wollte, z. B. um Schmetterlinge oder Schlangen identifizieren zu können, bekam ich es. Da war meine Großmutter, obwohl wir als Nebenerwerbs-Bergbauern wirklich nicht grad wohlhabend waren, sehr kompromisslos. Für Lernen gab es immer Mittel.

When participating in a project in 2011, I was asked how I see the practises innovation, balance, meaning and culture in today’s design. I updated the text a bit, yet here’s my answer:

As I studied innovation management, I am always on the lookout for fresh ideas and upcoming trends. Said that, I am completely with Marty Neumeier who stated: „If you wanna innovate, you gotta design.“

So, there you’ve got your first connection — innovation & design.

What I do recognise while doing research or listening to friends of mine, who are into industrial, web and graphic design, is…

Some of you may know what it is about. Yet some may not — time to do my share to change that!

When I started to promote my Biognosis Cards I was surprised how few people know about these tools and methods. When I talked about the trigger picture analysis, which is the basis for my new tool, people went: “Heavens, what is this woman talking about?” more often than not.

Yet whenever I get the chance to explain, it’s always nice to see that people are hooked quickly. And there is a reason to it.

Creative problem solving tools…

Thoughts on circular economy, biomimicry and cradle to cradle

In 2013, I was invited to participate in an ambitious project, organised by students in Innsbruck, Austria. They started an online idea contest to call for, publish and discuss ideas how to create a circular economy.

I was asked for an expert statement. Needless to say that I felt quite honoured and was happy to do so.

Brain it up by doing it circularly

Published 15/11/2013 via circulution.com

When I first heard about the Cradle-to-Cradle approach during an Industrial Design lecture, I was fascinated by its slogan “waste equals food”.

This is what…

Elke B. Bachler

Inquisitive mind. From Austria. Creator of the Biognosis Toolbox — methodical problem-solving, based on nature.

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