7 Qualities Every Leader Must Have

Leadership is an art. It is said that the leaders are born they are not made. The leadership might vary. Yes, leadership of Alexander the Great is different from that of Nelson Mandela. However, there are some qualities which they both share. These qualities are called basic leadership qualities. So, what are these qualities? What makes these two leaders what they are today? What? Is it education? Is it family background? Or, is it promotion? A thing to ponder, don’t you think?

Well, no amount of money can produce a leader like Alexander the Great. No family can create another Nelson Mandela. Promotion cannot produce another Julius Caesar. This is the truth. Because the modern day leadership gurus have recognized this truth, they are making effort to understand the leadership skill of people like these.

Positive Attitude

Leaders need to understand that their team would not be motivated to perform from the day one. This is an impossible expectation. The leaders need to keep a positive attitude. Unless they show the team that they are excited about the project they are dealing with, the team would not be motivated to work. When the leaders are positive and enthusiastic, the team works harder.

Facing Failure with a Smile

Well, failure is a part of life which you cannot ignore, no matter how hard you try. The leader needs to understand this. When failure comes to greet they need to face them with courage. This in turn gives the team the strength to withstand the setbacks. It’s the leaders’ job to help the team face failure with courage.


Steve Jobs is a celebrity. Even after his death people still remember him. He is that founder who has surpassed the brand he has created. It is not 
Apple which is Steve Jobs’ identity. It’s his vision. He was a visionary. This every leader needs to have, a vision for the future. You need to think tomorrow to think success. This is one of the qualities which every leader needs to have.


You must call failure what it is. The leader needs to be honest. They need to give it to the face of their team. If something wrong happens due to the misgiving of someone, it becomes the leader’s job to rectify the error and also talk to the team. Without courage to hold the position of the leader, no leadership will be successful. For this reason, when you are thinking leadership, you need to think courage too.


Now, this is something every human being needs, inspiration. Without inspiration, you will not be able to go the extra miles. Inspiration might be a hard thing to chase though. Sometimes you would need a baseball bat to chase inspiration. But, inspired you must be. A leader must have this quality.


Nothing good happens in a day. Without hard work nothing yields result. Now, the thing is to lead a team to success, you need to have patience. The leader needs to understand that the team would need time to settle down. The team would also need time to perform. The leader needs to give their team this time.


Passion is the ingredient which everyone needs. This is the fuel which drives people forward. Love makes people do a lot of things. If you don’t love your work, you will not stick to it defying failure and other obstacles. Passion works like energy drink which pushes leaders forward.

You see, it is not always about degrees. Of course, education helps. But, what you have inside your soul helps too. To be a leader, you must grow as a human being. The change must come from within.

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