Media vs. Trump— Different Views

A few days ago, reports of Michael Flynn, former National Security Adviser resigns after it was revealed that he misled Vice President Pence and other White House officials about his conversations with the Russian ambassadors to the United States. This eventually lead to President Trump denying he had connections with Russia and later called for a press conference that mainly focused on allegations towards “fake news” and the media. I came across two articles, one from CNN ( and Fox News ( While both articles seemed to talk about the same topic, one article had a different approach than the other. The use of diction and stacking from CNN’s article made it seem more biased than Fox News who showed President Trump in a better light.

To begin, in CNN’s article, the headline read “An amazing moment in history: Donald Trump’s press conference.” As readers, you would think they were talking highly of him from his conference by using the words “An amazing moment in history” but instead it was the complete opposite. The headline intended to be sarcastic as I continued reading. The article first started off stating Trump “complaining he inherited a “mess” putting President Trump in a bad light. By using the diction “complaining”, it gives off the impression that Trump is whining about his presidency (definitely not a good look when you’re president). The author continues pointing out the negatives from Trump when they mention his manner stating how it would most likely “offend” or “alarm” voters to alleviate skepticism towards Trump among political elites. Adding this gives us the knowledge that he is not well liked by most voters, and that his manner in the conference will add another reason to dislike him. CNN made it seem like Trump is unprofessional when they mentioned “The President lashed out” and “How many times do I have to answer this question?” the readers are influenced into thinking that Trump is rude and can’t handle the press.

Furthermore, Fox News is a much less biased article in regards to the way they approached the conference and President Trump. They first start off stating that “news outlets are attacking him because they oppose his agenda” which gives us the impression that the media are the ones to blame and are disrupting him to do his job as a president. The article shows Trump in a better light mentioning how the president “even joking with some reporters toward the end and saying he was having fun.” Unlike CNN who gave us this impression that Trump was this angry president with the way the chose to describe him, Fox showed the light side of Trump. The quotes Fox chose gave the audience that he was going to solve this problem, “Trump also has vowed to root out those leaking sensitive information.” Those who were to read this article can be impacted in thinking that Trump is trying to do the right thing.

Overall, although the two articles are both about the same topic on Trump and his press conference, we can see bias is evident. The major difference between the article were the quotes that they chose. We as readers get different perspectives based on how the articles present the story to us. One article can make readers view the president as unprofessional and the other feel as if he is doing what he is supposed to. News can be interpreted differently by the use of diction and stacking. If one were to read one article over the other, they could have a good or bad view on him. It’s important for us, the readers to not only know when media is biased but to know whether the news we consume is true or not. The news has the responsibility to give us accurate information, but to ensure they do we have the obligation to chose how we consume our news and check multiple sources.

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