Collaboration has been the driving force behind the growth of many industries — and medtech is no exception. It is, after all, a direct result of the collaboration between medical research and industry, encompassing health investors, SMEs and manufacturers. But is collaboration enough to secure medtech’s future, asks Ayesha Michandani

The launch of MedCity’s Collaborate to Innovate (C2N) programme on 15 June at King’s College London highlighted the growing importance placed on encouraging academia and industry to work together more closely. The project offers up to £100,000 of funding to SMEs seeking to work with academic research groups, and has…

Fadi Dalati MD MSc is Chair of the Digital Skills for Medical Profession Committee at the ground-breaking European Health Parliament. Here he tells us what issues they have been considering and what they hope to achieve

‘It’s a case of 21st-century challenges needing 21st-century solutions. That’s why the European Health Parliament (EHP) initiative was born — bringing a group of young minds from all over Europe together to rethink, reimagine and reshape Europe’s health sector,’ explains Dalati.

The Health Parliament is already well under way (the second public plenary session took place in February) and these 55 young professionals will…

Home to 18 of the world’s top 25 medical device companies, Ireland is the second largest employer of medtech professionals in Europe. In the first of a three-part series, Irish journalist Gary Finnegan explores how the Emerald Isle built one of the world’s biggest medical technology sectors — from scratch

The history of Ireland’s medical devices sector is short but spectacular. From humble beginnings just a few decades ago, a diverse and innovatory industry has sprung up. So just how did this small European nation learn to punch above its weight in one of the world’s most advanced industries?


As we wait for a new legislation for Europe’s medical devices — whose implementation will be phased in from mid-2016 — Matthew Orman weighs up what the ongoing negotiations mean for safety, innovation and the future of the industry

Following the 2010 PIP scandal , the European Commission embarked in 2012 on a full regulatory overhaul of the medical devices industry . With the aim of guaranteeing high levels of safety and restoring public confidence in Europe, the Commission published two draft Regulations — one for medical devices and one for in vitro diagnostic medical devices,. …

It’s just for pictures of cute puppies and nice wallpaper, right? Wrong!

The slightly ‘fluffy’ nature of Pinterest might seem at odds with the serious world of science and healthcare. But a growing acknowledgement that the aesthetics of medical device design can have a huge effect on patients means that taking a visual approach to innovation certainly has its place. And so, here are our favourite boards for medtechers to get inspired…

1. German design agency Wilddesign specialises in making products look beautiful, and call themselves ‘creatives with confidence’. Here are their best boards

Medical design


‘Europe has a problem,’ according to the alliance of European medical technology industry associations, Medtech Europe. But what’s the issue and what’s the answer to it? Sue Montgomery investigates a forum for hacking healthcare

The opening line of MedTech Europe’s description of the challenges facing the region’s healthcare sector is a little worrying. The issues involved are familiar in many places across the globe: an ageing population, increased trends in chronic disease, soaring healthcare costs, a shortage of healthcare professionals — all coupled with a struggling economy and a pressure to reduce public spending. …

Kathryn Reilly

Content Chief at MedTech Engine

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