The decline of Chanel

Like many other fashion-obsessed little girls, growing up I was completely obsessed with Coco Chanel. To elementary school me, she was the pinnacle of class and sophistication and honestly, I still think she was a total badass. Which is why it pains me so much to see the direction Chanel is going in.

The main problem with the current Chanel is that they are trying to appeal to two different types of clientele and the result of this is a tacky, jumbled mess. While they are still trying to sell to their main client base, which is rich older women, they are also trying to emulate brands like Gucci and Balenciaga and go after a younger audience. The thing is though, Chanel is not a hip, young brand. Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when they attempt to be something they aren’t, we end up

Seriously, what the hell is this? Photo Credit: Chanel.

with ugly ass sketchers-esque shoes and incredibly gaudy accessories. Chanel, for the love of god, please stay in your fucking lane.

Another issue with the current Chanel is Karl Lagerfeld’s inability to style his models properly for shows. He COMPLETELY overaccessorizes every goddamn model on the catwalk, which totally goes against everything Chanel stands for. I mean, she even famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Maybe Karl needs to be reminded of this because he treats his models like fucking coat racks. He puts every single accessory and bag Chanel sells on his models, which completely covers up their clothing and ruins the entire look. The show that irked me the most was probably the Spring-Summer 2019 show, where he had a few looks where the models were wearing two bags at once. Why the hell do they need two bags?! Chanel is known for its elegant simplicity, but these recent collections have been overdone and confusing.

Why? Just, why? Photo Credit: Kim Weston Arnold

Karl Lagerfeld has produced some pretty amazing shows and collections, but at this point, he just needs to retire from the brand. His creativity has obviously stretched as far as it can take him and Chanel needs some new blood to brings the brand back from the dead.