My Boot-camp Experience Day 3

Final day! I’m super vibed. The exercises have been really tough. After trying for a while to no avail. I sought help of an experienced programmer who was able to put me through.

So I have been going through a lot of thoughts, I need a lot of time to tune up my skills. Like a real lot of time. I have never taken real time to develop myself, I have now decided to take some time to learn a programming language and earn legendary status in it. In order to become the best at anything, you need to make sacrifices. Sleepless nights, alone time, maximum concentration, I have done all of this, I still need more.

A fellow said I’ll need about four months of intensive practice. I plan to achieve this feat in two months.

Got a message today inviting me to Friday’s exercise, I’ll skip it. I do not think I’m ready for the challenges ahead. So far it has been chilled, I enjoyed every bit of the boot camp. I relish coming again, but with a lot of energy next time. I’ve learned a lot, most importantly Growth mindset, I plan to apply this positive energy to every other area of my life. I love Andela to be honest.