Just a Girl from The Mistake on the Lake (aka Cleveland)

I was once in a play called Casey Cleveland, and I’m pretty sure “mistake on the lake” was said in reference to Cleveland at least fifteen times. Well, that and quinoa. But that isn’t the point. The point is that I’m from Cleveland. I’d say born and raised, but that isn’t exactly true. I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, but I was raised in Cleveland. Actually, I was raised in a small town just East of the city called Chagrin Falls. They call it a bubble. They aren’t wrong.

I’ve lived the majority of my life between Gates Mills where my dad lives, and Chagrin Falls which is where my mom lives. I’ve gone to four different schools in the greater Cleveland area, although one of them I attended in kindergarten so I don’t think that counts. I don’t know the city, but man, do I know the suburbs. I think that’s why I’ve never liked Cleveland much…I’m not a fan of sports so I can’t say I’ve cried over LeBron’s comings and goings or been to many sports events in the city (that has been recently remedied), I couldn’t tell you where exactly Tower City is but I have seen it, and the temperature on the day of the last St. Patrick’s Day parade I went to was hot enough to make me delirious so I never went to another one. I was never exposed to any of the city’s ins and outs, marvels and secrets. I don’t have great memories of the city, or really any memories at all. Maybe that’s why, for the longest time, I was so eager to leave.

But now, a recent graduate of Hathaway Brown and incoming first year majoring in Medieval History at the University of St Andrews, I’m starting to miss Cleveland and I’m not even gone yet. In one month, twenty-eight days, eleven hours, thirty-five minutes, and forty-six seconds, I will be 3,503 miles away from home. That’s what this blog is about; not the distance or my regrets about Cleveland, but my life away from it. My life away from the city I never knew, or the bubble I grew up in. This blog will be about me and St Andrews and our uncanny relationship. Let’s hope I can keep it up.