Hearthstone: The Best Way to Beat a Magic the Gathering Addiction.

Magic the Gathering is a stellar way to meet new people and to analytically use your brain. However, maintaining a large library of cards can be tedious and expensive. Here’s why Hearthstone proves to be a solid alternative.

  1. The Application is free
    You can download the app for free on your iOS or Android phone, as well as on your computer via Battle.net. Hearthstone comes with a free base set of cards for each hero class to get you started.
  2. You don’t have to purchase Heroes
    Heroes kind of act as a Planeswalker — you can attack with them, as well as use class specific abilities that you pay 2 mana to use. The best part is that you can choose from 9 different free heroes that represent each class. Again, you can buy any of the 5 purchasable heroes, but it is not required, or even really necessary.
  3. Hearthstone is great about giving away free swag for fulfilling quests.
    The “quests” in Hearthstone pop up on your screen as soon as you open the application. Generally, it involves winning matches with a certain hero class that you don’t often play. The notification will tell you how many games you need to claim your prize, and what you will receive for completing the quest.
  4. You can buy card packs — but you don’t have to
    Again, there are multiple ways to acquire card packs without using actual money, and the main way to buy them is with the gold you acquire from questing and winning games. Every time you win 3 games, you receive 10 gold for your efforts. So, if you’re out there winning and questing, buying card packs should be no problem at all.
  5. It’s addicting
    I know that this might seem like a negative aspect to the game, but once you get hooked onto Hearthstone, your expensive Magic habit will (possibly) be a thing of the past.
  6. No need to make plans to play
    Hearthstone can be played at any time!! You can play with your friends online or with strangers. The application only lets you chat with friends (thankfully) so that strangers can’t troll you. But fear not! If you do want to communicate with your randomly matched stranger, there are several pre-programmed emotes that do the job quite nicely.
  7. Acquiring “dust” helps you get the cards you want (need)
    So, when you acquire card packs there will most likely be some in there that you don’t want. You can “disenchant” these cards to acquire dust which will allow you to craft specific cards that you want to add to your deck. Save up for a while, and you can craft some really awesome “legendary” cards.
  8. The Tavern Brawl section lets you play with new cards and new rules
    The Tavern Brawl section is changed weekly, with a new set of rules. Sometimes you are given a deck and others you’ll have to build a deck. This part is really cool because you can play with cards you don’t currently have, and sometimes from other classes. The best part about Tavern Brawl is that you get a free card pack for winning your first game.
  9. You only play with people that are the same rank as you
    Playing Magic can be difficult when you’re playing with someone who is leagues beyond you in skill, and vice versa. In Hearthstone you will only ever play with people who are the same rank as you, which makes the matches a bit faire
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