Joe Manchin Desperately Pandered To Progressives — Utterly Failed
Alfonso KC

Alfonso, THANK YOU for this article, for ‘putting it out there’.

People need to see just what corruption really means, to them, personally.

Just because someone is a Democrat doesn’t mean they aren’t corrupt.

Two broken and corrupt parties do not make a honorable and integral whole.

Neoliberalism is just as ‘dangerous’ as neoconservatism.

And for those who will not listen and reason, what can be done? How do you open stopped up eyes, ears and minds…? ‘Can’ it be done?

My observations say no. Which is the basis for despair.

An individual must experience his own awakening, that ‘lightbulb’ moment.

But before that can happen they must be ‘open’ to the possibility.

They have to be able to challenge their ‘beliefs’ for the chance to ‘know’.

Sadly, desperately, most humans will not experience this because they will not challenge themselves. And so the blindness continues to snowball with every subsequent generation.

(Oh, Alfonso. Please add Joe Donnelly (D-IN), to your bowl of pits, please. The man is a deadly corporate minion, too.)


Check ALL your political representatives — at every level — their voting records, and what bills and legislation they sponsor, BEFORE you pull that voting lever, push that button or check that box!!

We may not have any control over who is appointed President by our vote, but for the moment we have EVERY control over every other elected office, including the ‘majority’ of Electoral College Members.

Please focus on who you are electing, and/or who will be appointed, to the Electoral College.

This is the body of members, and agency, by which our President is appointed.

If we want the members of our government to do ‘their’ jobs, then we have to do ‘ours’ first!


“Carlin was right” @rollingwheelie

“Idiocracy”; a movie portraying our very possible future.; historical timeline as to how corporations became living entities with more Constitutional rights and powers than human beings.

“You’re Not Going To Believe What I tell You” —

"Anti-intellectualism Is Killing America — Social dysfunction can be traced to the abandonment of reason" - David Noise, Psychology Today, 062315,

“Political Discourse is Getting Dangerously Anti-Intellectual - Image, emotion, and lack of substance define politics today” - David Noise, Psychology Today, 123015