not even Nostradamus could have foreseen the level of ineptitude, audacity, sheer stupidity, and egregious disregard for the office of the president that Mr. Trump has displayed
My Prediction That Trump Will Resign By August 18th Has Been Revised To July 15th
Allan Ishac

Anyone who has had protracted exposure to, or suffered under/from someone who has a personality disorder, saw all this coming waaay before everyone else did.

The more extreme the disorder, the faster we pick up on it every time we encounter it.

Trump is a narcissist of the 10th order, heavily dosed with sociopathic tendencies and nuanced psychopathic wiring.

In fact, when Trump first entered the Presidential election, in comment threads and regular face-to-face conversations around the world, we (P.D. Affectees) are the ones who were, when after commenting as to just how bad and dangerous this could get should Trump actually win the Presidency, scoffed at, accused of being alarmists and conspiracy theorists, and just downright suffering from paranoid hysteria.


(And I actually have the tapes to prove it.)

Another kind of interesting thing.

I just recently viewed an article where the author claimed an ‘epiphany’; that Trump doesn’t really want to ‘be’ President, he just wanted to beat everyone else in the race (ESPECIALLY his arch foe Hillary). He also doesn’t mind using the ‘Office of the POTUS’, he just doesn’t want to have to do any actual work.

Really? Just now picking up on that?

Another news flash, just in case, in the last 100+ days of shell shock, this passed you by…

He secretly ejaculates (mostly euphemistically, but literally when he has the opportunity) every time he contemplates that there is no one who is smarter than he is.

And, right now, he may be right.

Because he has just perpetrated, and continues to perpetrate, the biggest hoax the world has yet to see/experience.

He really truly believes in the deepest recesses and fundamental base of his soul that he is above everyone else, smarter and more intelligent - a superior and exceptional human being.

He is THE ONE.

As with any narcissist, his sole goal, every moment he draws breath, is to bask in near constant undulating adoration.

And in his particular case, rake in unimaginable sums money siphoned off the stooges (the American people and global civilizations) he has hoodwinked.

He will do and say A N Y T H I N G to achieve those goals.

If anyone wants to get to first base in understanding just what we’re dealing with, what we’re facing, and what we’re up against, you need to seriously acquaint yourself with and in the depths, magnitude and scope of what defines personality disorders.

Trump makes Ted Bundy look like an amateur.

Because unless you have firsthand experience, or are at least somewhat familiar with the magnitude of p.d.s, every day Trump is in a position to exert influence and power, and do whatever it takes to derive his necessary daily intake of being THE CENTER of the known universe, you are going to continue to be surprised and caught off-guard.

And that makes us ALL more vulnerable than we already are.

(Imagine the barbarians really are at YOUR gate, and you don’t react appropriately because you are too stupified by the oncoming headlights. What do you think is the end result of this equation?)

But, if it is any consolation, no matter how well you understand what personality disorders do and are capable of, you never get past the sensations accompanying being stunned, or feel like you can’t breathe when the latest bottom falls out or axe is thrown at you.

(But with applied awareness and mindfulness your reaction times improve — somewhat.)

You will have to find a way to cope and/or compensate for the feelings of prolonged uncertain suspension in mid-air, the growing panic of wondering when the next shoe will drop, and the humiliating realization of knowing you are developing an abiding sense of paranoia.

If it makes you feel any better, the paranoia you gain from exposure to someone like Trump who is in a position of power and control over you, isn’t a classic detrimental psychiatric condition. In this sense, it’s a justified survival skill.

Face it. Own it.

More than that.

It is your DUTY as a self-aware citizen of humanity, who is also a ‘subject’ of this delusional maniac, to OPPOSE HIM.

So. Is everyone on board now?

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