I can’t believe we can’t win
I think progressives should concentrate on wining every single house/senate seat up in 2014.
Craig Bonvechio

Even predominantly democrat counties and states are not able to win ‘the majority' because of the gerrymandering equation.

This is one of the single most detrimental issues we have facing us as an voting body.

The Electoral College elects (appoints) our President, not voter election.

Which is why our focus should not be, under current election protocols, on our voting for the president — an enormous WASTE of time, resources and money ($4.6 billion/2016, to be exact).

Our focus should be on who we elect to the Electoral College. What this body’s influences and partisanship consist of, decides who becomes President.

But with rare exception, everyone else (Congressmen, Senators, Governors, Mayors, etc.) ‘should be’ fair game .

EXCEPT now that ‘money is free speech’ (Citizens United), money now supersedes the majority of common sense, thereby stealing votes, and decides elections.

So our answer?

Our response, our reaction, ‘should be’, one that unless we collectively unite in (nonviolent) Civil Disobedience, DEMAND CHANGE — AND GET IT, it’s really all over but for the curtain call.

(Granted that curtain call isn’t going to happen overnight. But we’ve reached the tipping point. So what comes next is on us. Unless we react appropriately, as citizens, to this threat, our civilization is done for.)