It will be a few days yet before I’m moved all the way in.
Georgia Mrkvicka Westphal

Georgia! 12°F! HOLY SHIT!!! I do hope that you are in your old house with a heat source until you can get the new one up and running with a consistent heat source!! YIKES! If not, how do you stay warm enough to avoid hypothermia?

I wanted to thank you, in a little aside, for the photos you’ve published with some of your articles! It made your stories more vivid and real, and gave me a point of reference when I see your words in my mind.

I can’t wait for you to have a good fire to snuggle up beside. With a comfortable chair, a hot cup of turmeric chai and a good book or a crocheting project, you’ll be all good to go for your long winter’s nap!😊🤗

Best Wishes and Warmest Regards, Georgia!❤

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