I was raised in WA and at least half my kids live there.
Georgia Mrkvicka Westphal

Georgia, have they applied for WA Medicaid?

Just because I don’t qualify doesn’t mean they won’t. I fall between all the cracks on every form, in three different states — so far. I’m currently looking into OR and CA.

All of the homeless people I have interacted with since my move to WA, all do, have, or eventually qualified for Medicaid, as well as at least some limited form of services either through the VA, and/or through DSHS (SSI, HEN (or other similar programs), Medicaid and Food Stamps).

ALL the housing subsidies’ in the counties I have been through (and quite possibly the entire state) have closed their waiting lists and are not even placing people as vouchers come available.

HUD shut its vouchers lists down more than two or three years ago, and not just in this state, this is nationwide. They are not assisting anyone regardless of need or extremity.

Most states, if not all, are forcing their destitute, disabled and elderly to turn to religious and private nonprofits for assistance.

(This is a national trend. I have personally experienced this in four other states, in the South, Midwest, and now West Coast.)

If you are religious it isn’t a bad thing.

But if you aren’t religious, or do not subscribe to whatever form of religion you’re seeking help from, from these organizations, then it just adds salt to an already miserable situation.

For in exchange for their help you must bend your knees and ears to listening to their sermonizing and efforts to convert you.

I would love to see Christians force fed the Quran in order to get meals/food/water, shelter, clothing or any other essential.

Everybody​ has their own ‘truth’ when it comes to religion​, in any society. But the Dark Ages arise when one ‘truth’ is in power over another.

Anyway I digress.

If your children haven’t applied for state aid in WA, I would encourage them to do so.

As I’ve said before, of the three West coast states WA’s aid SUCKS THE WORST.

No vision or dental.

Medical is VERY hit and miss, and extremely limited when it is to be found.

There are a few relatively decent mental health facilities and providers for those with Medicaid.

So few, to absolutely nonexistent, if you only have Medicare, that getting help is a fool’s errand.

And what dental is available for poor adults it is for nothing more than a yearly cleaning, and pulling teeth. NOTHING else.

I don’t know about other people but I only have so many teeth. I NEED to eat and see.

Dental and vision should be inclusive in WA as they are in CA and OR, but they’re not.

If your kids have the means, they should look into moving to one of our neighboring states.

OR begin the process to apply to Canada. Although be aware if you do know already, Canada has severely narrowed her opportunities for Americans to move.

As with any country, they are typically only allowing refugees and those with big money.

For all intents and purposes Canada has closed its borders to Americans.

And if truth be told, I don’t blame them one bit.

If your kids cannot move to another state or country, I would encourage them to join, or begin, an Intentional Community. And seek to build a safety net and support system by this means.

Apothecaries and home healthcare need to be resurrected as a means to providing basic health services. Every (at least rural) community needs to invest in and cultivate this fundamental resource.

Bottom line is that we are being herded towards the cliffs. Our government hasn’t built labor camps or ovens — yet — but only because it is politically incorrect. They’re just taking away every means to survive so that we save them the money and kill ourselves. (We’re dying to the tunes of those protesting the ‘Right To Life’.)

(And lest anyone forget — or not know — the ‘undesirables’ were Here Hitler’s first victims.)

However as we see our nation’s populace succumb to the conditioning it is right now being subjected to, it may not be long before those labor camps and ovens don’t appear in one form or another.

(America’s ‘undesirables’ are fast falling under the churning wheels, while our own people turn their heads, or worse, heap abuse, disdain and contempt upon us.)

America is right now 1920/1930s Germany.

Anyone denying it does so because they ‘can’.

The heat has not touched them yet, or so barely grazed them they twist the encounter to something that will conform to and not offend their reality.

It is inhumane to take away everything required for living, for a human being — not just survival, but ‘living life’’— and then beat and deride those whose lives are so denigrated.

We used to be a nation to whom the world admired because we set new inviolate standards for the human condition, even enlightening (or at least outshining) other advanced countries by insisting that every human being deserved dignity and respect.

While we missed many goals and failed in too many ways, we were nevertheless a nation whose ideals mandated that we strive to try, and to care for our poor and weak.

Now we just use them for kindling.