Your 8-hour day isn’t working. Here’s why
World Economic Forum

Good article. Important points. Increasing need to grow this healthier and more productive mentality and work life.

There’s just one thing.

If this happens at all, it’s only gonna happen for the elite workers, not for the regular old Joe Schmoe.

In an society succumbing more and more every day to an extremist conservative government and its ever-obedient mind-muddled sycophants, hornswoggled by b.s. which champions unfettered capitalism fascism and neo-fascist religious paradigms, this kind of rational thought and ingenuity is never gonna fly.

America is hellbent in the direction of the Elois and Morlocks.

No amount of frantic arm waving, klaxon warning sirens, or red flashing lights can save us from our inexorable slide over the cliff into the abyss of oblivion.

Orwell arrived quite some time ago. The exact date is at this time unimportant.

But the odds are not in favor of Thoreau making an appearance…