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Hello Corey 😇

Well I cannot say in truth that I am wise or peaceful, but I do wish and strive for both.

It takes a lot of effort, and admittedly I’m not very good at it. Although I do hope I can say that I am peaceful with all I can be for as long as I can be, until I’m given no other option.

And since I’m of a mind to think and believe that if options don’t present themselves, we should endeavor to find a way to make them ourselves.

Go around, over, under, sideways upside down and inside out. Whatever possible to engineer a best outcome.(However, the last two should be attempted in only very special circumstances. As they can be hard on the blood pressure! 😧)

But when the circumstances necessitate, sometimes we must do what we have to do.

My mother used to tell me to ‘pick your battles’.

She’d usually say that when I felt overwhelmed by people, places or things coming at me in life, and I felt stuck.

And sometimes this is all one can do. Aim and shoot (metaphorically speaking, of course!!!), and hope you’ve done the best you can do.

Anyhoo. 😎

I would find great joy in being able to converse with you from time to time, whenever your fancy strikes.

You have an excellent command of word and thought. I wish I had been so fortunate at your age .

Actually, I would settle for those skills now! Yikes! 😱 (Jealous, yes. But only in the best and nicest of ways!)

So I hope to read more articles you’ve written. I so thoroughly enjoyed the one that sparked these conversations. You have a talent. USE IT! 😁

(Of course it should never interfere with or tax your time from schoolwork. Just whenever the opportunity makes itself available. On the other hand, perhaps you could get school credit for them in one or more of your classes…?)

I also wanted to thank you for sharing those quotes. I love reading Marcus Aurelius and Lao Tzu. Words to stir the heart and mind.

And if I had read either of the quotes before you sent them to me, it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten them. So it was like reading them fresh and brand new! Thank you. They are indeed really wonderful thoughts. Words to live by.

You know I’m pretty sure Aurelius is considered a philosopher. That he was a soldier, a statesman — and an emperor — makes him no less worthy of such consideration, if he were not so thought of by the world in general anyway.

Well, I’ll leave off for now. Be Well. Peace, Prosperity and Contentment. Ciao.