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I don’t understand why dems, progressives, or liberals imagine there is ANYTHING that is going to stop conservatives from ramming this legislation through.

We are the MINORITY!!!

NOTHING we say is going to matter to the majority Republicans. NOTHING!!

Fucking get it it through your heads!!!


These are beings INCAPABLE of any feeling or understanding of what it means to be humane.

Mercy, compassion and humanity do not exist with these creatures of hypocrisy.

Their religion is bent and twisted to mean whatever serves their purposes.

And these people WILL HAVE their holocaust.

There is NOTHING we can do to stop this.

That time came and went while we were sleeping upon a bed of apathy.

Liberals think that we are a growing movement.

Anyone who thinks so is deluding themselves.

Oppression, forced religious conversion, slavery, hate-mongering, lynching, executions — these are just a few of the aspects of our coming future.

All wrapped up in cloying religious hypocrisy.

Once the religious fanatics and neoconservatives, evangelicals, fundamentalists, and race purists, have suppressed and eliminated the liberals, and any shred of humane civilization, they will turn their teeth and fanaticism upon each other.

Yeah. Just like what’s happening with the fanatic extremist Muslims. When they don’t have a western infidel to terrorize and behead, they start killing their own.

I hear NOTHING different coming out of the American right that isn’t a mirror image of any other religious fanaticism.

Their gods and religious texts may be different, but they espouse the same call to obliterate their enemies and anyone who isn’t just like they are.

Christians don’t even realize the armageddon their bible talks about happens BECAUSE OF THEM.

Wake up people! I’m talking to you meatheads — dems, progressives and liberals!!

The reason our time is so short is because you have WASTED our time deceiving yourselves, thus stealing precious time we may/might have had to oppose our own demise.


“Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads — either transition to Socialism or regression into Barbarism” — Rosa Luxemburg

“First they came for the Illegals and Undocumented. And I did not speak out because I was not an Illegal or Undocumented.

“Then they came for the Poor, Homeless, Elderly, and Disabled. And I did not speak out because I was not Poor, Homeless, Elderly or Disabled.

“Then they came for the LGBTQs. And I did not speak out because I was heterosexual.

“Then they came for those who were not of their religious beliefs, political or philosophical persuasions. And I did not speak out, I looked the other way.

“But then. They came for me.

“And there was no one left to speak for me.”

— (liberties taken from the original author, Martin Niemöller)

“…sometimes holding on to hope too long is the greater threat.” - Steven Reisner

“Wsit has almost always meant never.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.