Bernie Fucks It Up Again
Val Perry

I LOVE the way you write Ms. Rendel.

Spontaneous, articulate, eloquent, engaging and cogitation-worthy!

So I hope you will believe me when I say, despite my following comments, I hope you will not be too offended.

I must respectfully disagree that ‘any and every Democrat' is better than any Republican.

(Probably mostly better than 99.9% of Repubs, but not ‘all’.)

For example, your mention of support for Joe Donnelly just because he is a registered Democrat, almost made me snort my coffee through my nose, as I made the mistake of drinking while reading.

Joe Donnelly is one of THE REDDEST ‘democrats' our government has.

If you don’t think so, you’ve not done your homework into his voting record and his basic ideologies.

He votes consistently for/along Republican-flavored issues. (Environmental, Ecological, Economy, Wages, Healthcare (HUGE supporter of TrumpRyancare), Education, Social Programs, Subsidies, etc.)

He is a Republican in Democrat clothing. Period.

In truth, we have almost as many problems stemming from our corporate democrats as we do from our political ‘foes’, the great conartists, the corporate GOP.

(I remember a time when our political parties were not so vastly opposed in honor, integrity, ideology and political/national-welfare philosophies, as they are now.)

Lest it go unsaid, I will repuke what should not need to be said.

EVERY CANDIDATE, every political representative, regardless of party affiliation, needs to be researched as to his campaign funding —


Who pays for his/her campaign/election is the entity to whom he/she will owe allegiance once in office and for the duration of their tenure.

Every candidate, EVERY POLITICAL REPRESENTATIVE, regardless of party affiliation, needs to be transparent and held ACCOUNTABLE FOR their VOTING RECORDS and IDEOLOGIES for they length of their political tenure—

As long as capitalism is unfettered (no controls, unleashed, unregulated capitalism), MONEY IS ‘FREE SPEECH' (Citizens United) — so says our POLITICALLY BIASED SUPREME COURT.

Money is what now buys our political representatives. Not votes.

(Our votes are weakened by party-affiliated gerrymandering, by whichever party holds current power.)

Our political Representatives (all Three Branches of our government) are beholden to no one but their corporate overlords.

In reality they care less about any constituents, their welfare or their concerns.

(Worse than a military coup detat, our government has been subverted by a more subtle takeover, facilitated by misdirection and an ill-informed populace.

(This is where you can thank our muddled industrialized and commercialized education system. Our education levels and critical-thinking skills have ‘bit the dust’ over the last 40–50 years. Our collective IQ has tanked.)

Until we amend our Amendments, this is the way our corrupted voting/political systems work.


Until we Amend, we need to use the system to our advantage.

Time for a game plan and strategy of our own.

And, for the record…

While I have somewhat against Mr. Sanders myself, bear in mind he is the single most influential factor and reason why we have a Resistance Movement(s) in this Country now, at all.

So, give credit where credit is due.

Does this mean we should not hold Mr. Sanders' feet to the fire if he fucks up?


Because of his willingness to do the right thing, let’s be straight with him and give him an ‘opportunity' to fix any error he commits.

If he is unwilling to listen, THEN pull out the language hardware and proceed with a verbal have-at-it.

THAT may arrest his attention and provide for a redirection on his part.

And simply because your writing is so engaging, a good many people will naturally look to you for distilling complicated and nuanced issues.

Because of that, I would respectfully ask you to consider reevaluating your lead-lined partisanship, and stop promulgating blanket-support for any/all reps just because they have a ‘D' behind their name.

We have reached a point where this is no longer about party affiliation.

All three main parties (Democrat, Republican and Libertarian) have been hijacked by extremist ideologies and corporate money.

It’s time every American challenge his/her belief systems, ideologies and wish lists.

Time for every American to participate in our government affairs, rather than continuing to forfeit their citizenship responsibilities, to ‘let someone else take care of it’.

Time for all of us to own our own shit.

We are in this mess because of our own doing (rather our NOT DOING).

Fwiw, Thank You again for your article. You have a gift.