how could Bernie Sanders be racially insensitive if 73% of African Americans like him? How could Bernie Sanders be sexist if almost 60% of Women like him? Wouldn’t they be repulsed?
New Harvard Poll Disproves The Myth Of The “Bernie Bro”
Alfonso KC

I really wish journalists would not resort to this type of journalism.

Because the same questions and answers apply to the flip side of this coin:

How could Trump actually get elected and be President if he were really a narcissistic sociopath (at the very least) or (worse) a psychopath; would anyone in their right mind really support a Ted Bundy for President?,

we need to stay as far away from the other side’s means of literary/media persuasion.

Since the object/goal (presumptively) is to get people to use their brains and think critically, how about we (at least at this point) stick to facts and data; solid factual information.

That way we don’t run the risk of being so quickly shunted to the sidelines after our need for a momentary emotional applause has only contributed to the bombast and bluster that appeals to America’s 30-second memory deficiency.

In other words we want people to ‘remember’, be ‘provoked’, and stir from their slumber, in order to ‘take action’. The last thing we want to be part of is the bleary-minded peanut gallery of American reality show politics.