A Health Care Plan That Follows Republican Principles And Still Works

I think your proposals are rational.

Unfortunately because our Republicans and most of our Democrats have been hijacked by one extremism or another, any reasonable solution would not be allowed to succeed.

As long as unfettered capitalism and privatization is the name of the game, rational and reasonable will not be allowed to breathe for long.

This is not about healthcare. Which is what misdirects most sane people when dealing with these and other like issues.

This is about money and power.


As long as capitalism is allowed to rule our healthcare/medical, education, food chain and water supply, our environment and basic human needs like housing, these epidemics in America will never be resolved.

There are by far and away sufficient avenues for capitalism to expand its mangy exploitation. It doesn’t need to wrap its sleazy greedy hands around (at least) these particular issues.

These areas/venues should be declared hands-off, sovereign to humanity and the public welfare.

Within reason (here I go again with that word), just about everything else could be considered free game.

Time for capitalism to use its own imagination to find new markets for growth and expansion, rather than suffocating everyone and everything in its path.

An ideology which justifies taking from the poor to enrich itself, is no different than a single person in the power of a tyrannical monarch, or an oligarchy.

(Time people started brushing up on their reading of the Declaration of Independence.)

There isn’t one other nation in the world that can match the wealth of America.

But that wealth is coming at the price of new ways we are being enslaved to poverty and lack of opportunity. And by extension we are enslaving other people in other nations.

We have the highest poverty rates and homeless of any developed nation.

Sorry. But there is NO justification for that shit.

It’s time we held the corporations, financial institutions and any wealthy elite to the same fire they are making us endure.

Time to call a Spade, a Spade.

“I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil.” — Robert Kennedy

"All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual."- Albert Einstein