Many towns and cities have clinics that can help.
Eating the Sky

Many towns is an exaggeration. Most do not.

There may be SMALL contributions to be had in ‘major’ cities, but not all of those in need, homeless or otherwise, live in major metropolitan city-states.

Those towns/average cities that do offer ‘assistance’, the candidates requesting meagre and ineffectual help, must be be qualified by the checkbox form.

If you don’t fit in a checkbox, you don’t qualify.

For those that labor under the massive misunderstanding that checkboxes are sufficient evaluation for qualifying those who really need help, you delude yourselves, and contribute to the ignorance which feeds this damning fucked up system, which causes real time pain and suffering to those who need help and can’t get it.

More money is spent on false store-front advertising, dead-link websites and red-tape paperwork, than getting any actual money, effort and substance to those who really need it.

(The money should follow the person in need, NOT the organization, agency, department or bureau.)

People who need help are being taken advantage of by those running grant programs, nonprofits and not-for-profits.

Those in need sign page after page of paperwork at agency after organization after department, to waste days, weeks and months going around in circles, only to be ‘eventually’ told sorry, but no cigar.

This paperwork that is being signed serves one purpose, and that is to supply the requisite stats and data information for programs to keep the money coming in to keep the programs running, so they can keep their jobs.

Whether it ever actually helps the people it was intended for is irrelevant.

But then, most Americans don’t really give a fuck. After all, it isn’t their yob or problem, man…

Until one day they fall off that high and mighty rung of the ladder they’re perched on, and then they get to experience the churning wheels too.

Compassion, caring, kindness, reciprocity, social responsibility and fundamental society stability have fled America.

We are, right now, a Country filled with Zombies. But because the zombies don’t look like the Hollywood stereotype, no one makes the correlation. So we keep devolving.

Ignorance breeds stupidity which begets selfishness, self-absorption and self-conceit.

The consequence of a myopic self righteous species, is a failed society, and a failed civilization — an E.L.E.


“People don’t want to ‘know’, they want to ‘believe’.” — Edward O. Wilson

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, but the illusion of knowledge.”

“The incompetent are often blessed with an inappropriate confidence.”

— Stephen Fry (“Stephen Fry Explains Why Some People Believe Everything Donald Trump Says”, Ed Mazza, HuffPost, 051217)

“You’re Not Going To Believe What I tell You” —

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