Some pieces that the American people should read …

Marco-Luis, if I may, I would ask you to go mainstream on Medium with your firsthand experiences. Take your comments and make them into an article for everyone to read — and make sure you reiterate these article suggestions.

This is really important stuff. I read those articles. They have confirmed my fears.

Despite American protests of Trump, this Country is still not apprehending the threat and danger we are in. (Which was specifically mentioned in the second article.)

I am becoming more terrified with every passing day because people are looking at what is happening as if it were only a neighbor’s over-stoked bar-b-que, than the 100-alarm fire it is.

Our collective reactions are more akin to irritated annoyance than a life-threatening (nation threatening) response.

(For your reference purposes since I am using American analogies: A 100-alarm fire refers to the number of fire trucks responding to a fire. The more trucks, the more critical and deadly the fire.)

Anyway my point is that the yawning maws of the lion are closing around our necks and people are simply just not reacting with appropriate outrage and ‘action’.

Yes. We have hundreds of thousands of people protesting, many being hurt by police, many sacrificing by being arrested and going to jail.

Yet this is not enough!

The level of danger here requires HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of protesters.

I fear reality show tv has conditioned too many minds.

That and our seriously defective education standards over the past 40 or so years.

As a result the majority of our populace has become dumbed-down so much, critical thinking skills are, for the most part, absent in collective America.

Ergo, why no one is moving out of the way of the oncoming speeding train.

Your insight and article suggestions, even if those authors could get their articles printed mainstream America, might reach people.


The danger level is so high it’s worth pulling out all the stops and trying everything.

On the other hand, maybe the apathy will win out and eventually the in-fighting, sponsored by the puppeteers, will become so intolerable, our states will secede from one another, and our Union will be no more.

Anyway. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for trying.

My hopes for you are that sanity and reason will eventually prevail in Venezuela, and true Freedom and Liberty will grace your Country and your people.