If you’re familiar with how a Grand Jury actually works, their job is to decide if there’s enuff…
Mateo D

Mateo your reading comprehension is slacking. What gives? Or was it your intention to simply drive by…?

No. I do not trust our system.

You ask me why, when a man like tRump is President…?

A Grand Jury finds whether or not there is sufficient evidence to bring charges.

They do NOT sit in judgement during a trial, and therefore cannot render a verdict of guilty, or not guilty.

Whether or not our system can be trusted is yet to be seen, in this particular case, at this particular time.

There is sufficient cause to doubt the integrity of our system as well as the players in their parts.

If you believe otherwise, that is a matter of opinion. Time will tell.

Fwiw. I hope you are right.

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