Body Language Analysis №3396: Donald Trump’s First Interview After Firing James Comey.
Dr. Jack Brown

Not to be dismissive of the skill (interpreting body language), but Trump is nothing more than a sleazy used-car salesman. That he dresses up in multi-thousand dollar suits only increases the slime-factor.


What scares me witless is that so many people in America buy into his spew.

We’ve gone from tuning into weekly reality shows to be entertained by two-bits like Trump, to making every day, in real life, a Truman-show.

Only this is a dystopian Truman.

One who has been endowed with, by the virtue of the office he holds, the power to drag our Constitution, decency, ethics, human compassion, and further jeopardizing what weak stability we had to begin with in EVERY area of life on this planet, through the thrashing abuse of weaponized propaganda. (Orwell called it ‘Doublespeak’.)

The consequence of which is to further confuse an already muddled-minded populace.

( But of course, this is his purpose: to achieve the frog-in-the-frying-pan-response from the American populace.)

Objective accomplished; majority of American adults can no longer distinguish fact from fantasy (aka ‘fake news’). Virtual from real.


This personality-disorder Truman also gets to fiddle with the Nuclear War Button.

Yeah. Cuz that’s always really entertaining.