The three of us are much stronger together, although my daughter often wishes I had a slow or low…
Georgia Mrkvicka Westphal

Perhaps after her child(ren) has grown and she has the time to focus more on what she ‘wants' rather than being a mom first, she’ll catch a little brain fire herself. 😊

I realize not everyone feels worn out much of the time being a mom like I did. (Could have had something to do with being so young and a single mom of four — maybe.)

But there’s a good chance she’ll catch the second wind many of us do later in life.

In the meantime I believe your fire and energy are good examples for both her and your grandchild(ren).

It gives their lives structure, meaning and purpose. It’s something they will treasure more and more every year.

What a treasure you all have in one another.

How wonderful too that they have such a wise mother and grandmother in you.

(Love your reflections. Please keep sharing.)

I wish you all Good Health and Good Fortune.