Nazis Make Big Comeback In Europe After Last European To Remember WWII Dies
Allan Ishac

Thank you for this piece, Allan. We need more of this, please.

After all, with each subsequent generation, memory capacity declines, perspectives and perspicacity narrows.

Soon the only thing any human will be able to see or contemplate will be the miniscule world of their own navel. (We are effectively 90 percent of the way there.)

Consider your work outreach. STRIKE the chords that will disturb the undisturbed moribund minds!

For otherwise, I must wholeheartedly agree with RollMeOverInTheClover.

The next “War To End All Wars” will effectively annihilate mankind (which we will deserve), and exterminate the rest of the life on this planet (the greatest tragedy resulting from the Pale Blue Dot’s highest lifeform’s apex of self-absorbed and apathetic narcissism).

Empirically it can be no more evident, sentience means nothing if memory and the ability to employ wisdom are not part and parcel of its programming.