Innocence Project
Harper Thorpe

Thank you Harper for using your journalistic influence to help magnify the light that needs to shine so sharply on this issue.

But thank you most for your sensitive words, and the poignant photos.

As with everything in America, our prison , and ‘Justice’ , systems are becoming privatized. A huge business/corporate and financial mother-lode for private interests, for a small few at the top of the fascist capitalism pyramid, that is literally squeezing the lifeblood out of citizens and killing democracy stone-cold dead.

Fwiw, I sincerely hope there is restitution or recompense to ease the rest of their years for these poor lost souls who have suffered so wretchedly.

What a blemish of shame this stain is upon the once good name of America.

What we might have been. What we might have achieved. If we had only not been hijacked by greed for a small few and self-righteous ignorance for the rest.

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