Trump Is The Ultimate Can’t Fail Parasite
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

The GOP has become an institution that protects the bully (and their own skins) at all costs, to the absolute exclusion of everything and everyone else.

Trump is the epitome definition of personality disorders.

(DSM could publish a special edition just about this man. Something he would just love, because he lacks ANY ability to self-evaluate.)

Yet not one of our political representatives has the cajones to point out what’s wrong with the Emperor’s New Clothes.

No amount of citizen, national or global degradation and humiliation is capable of yanking their bigger heads out of their big assets.

No threat or danger to citizen safety, economic stability, national security, environmental and ecological balance or nuclear war is too great to weaken the thick shell casing which protects their determined grasp for, self-appointed ownership or wielding of personal governmental authority and power.

Reckless disregard, reckless endangerment and malicious intent exemplify the character of our government now. A government intended to protect its people, and as a leader which would safeguard moral and ethical values for the entire world.

Self-serving, self-righteous hypocritical indignation deluges any criticism.

Thoreau, anyone?