Sweden’s Economic Boom Shows Promise In Democratic-Socialist Societies
Alfonso KC

The propaganda which has conditioned Americans, for decades, to believe unfettered capitalism is the purest form of ‘free market’, and is the fundamental same which ultimately determines ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, is the fodder being fed to the minions that cannot, or will not, think for themselves.

But you can bet those at the top know full-well what they do.

The world has become a global game board. The moves, maneuvers, strategies and agendas serve one goal.

To exercise power, control others, and bask in a level of greed that counts only the one and tramples the many (to be free of the rules ‘the Morlocks' must follow).


This is the name of the game.

(I realize that word may conjure either a religious overtone or a role-playing reference. Nevertheless in its most basic inherent sense, it is the clearest — honest — term which defines the ‘game board’ action.)

Has it ever been any other way for homo sapiens.

Are we really any different from our earliest ancestors who gathered together in tribes and clans, which merged into city-states, from which emerged empires.

Now we are, by virtue of our technology, a global peoples. Whether we like it or not.

If we haven’t learned the art of playing together as children, sharing, caring, self-discipline/control, compassion, kindness, empathy— reciprocity —how is that to be learned and integrated as adults?

Has our programming really changed?

If we were ever on the path of mental, emotional and intellectual evolution, we certainly aren’t now. America seems to be digressing — de-evolving.

Imagine what will have to happen, how bad it will have to get, to arrest our downward spiral…