everyone oughta be at least minimally aware of the symptoms and ‘modus operandi’ of what is becoming the most common “predator” in today’s “urban jungle”… namely the pathological Narcissist
Am increasingly of the opinion that everyone oughta be at least minimally aware of the symptoms and…
Mateo D

This is so true. People in general just have no clue what ‘deviant' psychology is all about.

Most people think of the term deviant to describe pedophiles or psychopathy.

But that’s because they really know nothing about psychology — their own, or others.

Most people have no clue how treacherous narcissism can be.

Whatever opinions people have formed about narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths, are careless and dangerous because most of their information gathering is being taken from the boobtube.

And without exception not one tv show or program gets it right when describing human psychology or when shaping the character of a mental health problem depiction.

So these ill-formed opinions help form another level to how people interact with, react to, or expect from, those with real mental health issues.

For instance with rare exception, any time PTSD is mentioned, every person I have encountered who is not intimately familiar with this condition, believes those that suffer from it are all shooters, capable of at any time ‘losing it’ and ‘going postal’ on anyone in their immediate proximity.


This fundamental ignorance is what is fomenting in so many areas and aspects of our society.

It effects and conditions hate.

This is such a volatile mix.

In fact, it’s really nothing less than an unexploded ordinance just waiting for the right conditions to explode.

(And societally, we’re building that ordinance as I write this.)

Ironically, the majority in this explosion won’t come from the mentally disabled or mentally ill (yes. there is a distinction), but those that consider themselves ‘normal’!

So yes. I so absolutely agree with you. Our entire civilization, globally, could use a few mental health tutorials and 101’s.

(And while we’re at it, EVERYONE could use a few, or more, therapy sessions. Even ‘normal’ people can be carrying around a few loose screws, or be missing a few marbles. It’s when we begin leaking gray matter we have a truly grave problem. 😧😬😀 But a tune-up never hurts anybody! 😎)

Those without a solid grasp of what personality disorders are all about, make us all vulnerable.

It’s like barricading your front door, only to leave all your windows and backdoor standing wide open.

(Not that I’m religious, but, as a figure of speech, god help us all!)