Your Water Filter Is a Waste of Fridge Space
Andrew Fiouzi

Where have you been? Have you not been paying attention? Or are you a paid propagandist?

Tap water across America is not as clean as you assert. Nor are any of the promises of purity of any government agency, especially the current incarnation of the EPA, based on any standard of integrity and dependability.

People, if you want to know what is in your water, then get it checked by an independent agency/business.

Moreover DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH for pete’s sake.

One of the best resources out there right now is an organization called EWG, The Environmental Working Group(.org). That will help you get started.

This activist organization has been working tirelessly for years to protect America’s water supply, and all bodies of water within our purview.

Their website provides links to most municipal water departments' water treatment reports.

However you can and should already be receiving at least FREE yearly reports from your local water department that reveals what tests were done, when, and what the results were.

That said, Flint Michigan also supplied reports the entire time they were lying and deceiving their citizens. Look what their trust got them.

And Flint is not an exception that is failing in its mission to provide safe clean water to its citizens. Flint is becoming an example of the rule.

You also have to consider what they are ‘not’ testing for.

The range of testing for chemicals, toxins and bacterias is much narrower than it should be.

And then there are pharmaceuticals that people toss down the drain or flush, that are not considered either.

Do yourself and your family a favor. Get an independent test done, and do it regularly.

And DO invest in a reputable whole house filtration system.

If you’re going to use a countertop water filter system, make sure you check its credentials, scope and magnitude of what it ‘supposed’ to do for you. Just because its a big name brand doesn’t mean shit for protection or quality.

When you clean ANY components, make sure you are ‘SANITIZING’ them and not just washing them.


CHANGE YOUR FILTER RELIGIOUSLY and keep the pitcher in a location and temperature best suited to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Just keeping it in the fridge doesn’t mean bacteria isn’t going to grow.

And for your own health STOP USING CHEMICAL CLEANERS and plastics.

Above all, STOP relying on everyone and everything else to take care of the things you are supposed to be taking care of yourself.

Fwiw, Good Luck.

We’re all going to need it.