Value Based Health Care — are #Patientsincluded?
Lucien Engelen

While I can agree that there are unnecessary visits to the doctor, this is one of the consequences of the stranglehold unfettered capitalism exerts upon America’s healthcare system.

Moving towards video-conferences with our physicians is not a step we should be taking to correct an inefficient and/or out-of-balance issue with the healthcare system(s) in America.

As our current system works right now, this slimes too close to the edge of taking the next step, and then the next, to eventually ‘stepping' to forego in-person doctor visits altogether.

Because any sane person can grasp that the first and primary caste of people that will be excluded (and mandated) from in-person visits, will be the poor.

So, before we ‘go there’, why don’t we arrest the monopoly unfettered capitalism holds upon our healthcare in general.

When the topic of ‘value based healthcare' for America is brought up, money madness and greed should be first on the list to be addressed.

Let’s get our healthcare cleaned up first.

THEN we can talk about the ‘convenience’ of video-conferenced patient/doctor visits…