we who believe that have a duty to convince those who don’t. And until we succeed in that work, we should not push
A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment

Would persuasion have won the moral divides we experienced nationally, instead of the Civil War that was ultimately waged?


IF enough people had been able to congregate at the same time, and in one voice, persuade the political leaders of that time to hear them.

But too many were not educated well enough, and lacked sufficient information, to make an informed understanding of the issues that eventually led to our violent conflict with one another.

(Anyone else see the modern correlations…?)

I well apprehend the seriousness of the potential our current citizen-ideology-divide portends.

On one hand there exists the factors that could lead to another conflict, massively violent in nature.

On the other hand there exists the truth that nothing at all will come of our divisions, because of the inherent apathy of the majority of our citizens.

There has been a deep change occurring within American psychology since at least the aftermath of the Great Depression, which has brought us to our current crisis in education, awareness and comprehension.

I believe it is possible that the roots of this change were well-intentioned, but the results veered off, onto a course no one at the time could have foreseen or predicted.

I suspect that the suffering in magnitude and scope of the GD, triggered in a vast many who lived through this time, the desire to ‘work hard' and achieve a level of economic security and stability so that their children, and their children after them, ‘would never suffer as they suffered’.

After all, don’t most parents want better for their children, even those from the best of circumstances?

How much more so the wish of those to prevent such an abyss of despair, grief and torture from affecting their progeny.

But from this prevention of suffering, there came the first generation of children who did not have to work ‘hard' like their antecedents.

This was the first generation of well-fed humans from means other than every-man farming. The advent of modern grocery stores were a consequence of our industrializing farming.

(And with every new modern technological advance, people spent less time growing and preparing their food, making/repairing their own limited amount of clothing, socks and shoes, in favor of greater amounts of ‘free time' and ‘personal me-time’. And thereafter each generation worked a little less hard.)

This was the first step towards entitlement, selfishness and self-centeredness to so vastly affect so many people in a civilization.

But that first step was mild, and no alarms rang.

Civility, reciprocity, empathy, generosity, kindness and “he-ain’t-heavy-he’s-my-brother” attitudes and ‘character' were virtues still esteemed by 99 percent of our society.

After all we are innately biologically socially reliant/dependent creatures.

However, with every subsequent generation, those ‘virtues' were esteemed a little less, and then abruptly, exponentially so. (Not unlike the pathology of an epidemic.)

Until we have arrived at our present conditions; of both, ‘I-ain’t-my-brother’s-keeper’, and reality show realities (of which the Truman Show has become a national pop-reality).

Now, (‘for the record’ I recognize that) our current conditions are the consequence and consummation of far more complicated factors and influences, and nothing so simplistic as my outlined description.

For instance, the downward spiral of our collective education quotient is the result of our apathetic response to continuing lowered education quality.

Our immensely careless academic expectations is the single greatest influence that has cultivated and finally generated the new low of our collective national IQ.

(Yes. Our IQ, individually and collectively, has dropped — ‘bigly’…)

Most importantly of which has been affected is the fundamental absence of critical thinking skills.

(From which stems the capability to be able to self-review and reevaluate personally held belief systems.)

We have a quality-of-education crisis of pandemic proportions.

Historically the suppression of, or lack of concern for, academic standards is a first step towards the demise of a culture and/or a civilization.

And right now we have gone from swimming in deep shit to being engulfed by it.

And yet, still no national movement of outrage.

Yes. We have hundreds of thousands marching and protesting — many even going to jail.

But at a time like this, under circumstances like these, the appropriate response ‘should be’ ‘hundreds of millions’, not hundreds of thousands.

Our bullshit detectors, which used to be part of our primal brain human survival skills, have been laid to rest under our TVs, on the altars of reality shows.

(Don’t think so? Okay. Who just became President? A friggin' reality show game host, that’s who. Is that reality show enough for ya?

(Personally, if I had known we were goin’ for a game show host to fill the open slot of POTUS, my vote would have gone to Alex Trebek. But, hey. That’s just me.)

So, now, when a snake oil salesman, suffering from universe-size personality disorders, comes along, runs for President of the most powerful nation on the globe, and wins, (winning access not just to unrestricted global idiot media twattering, but THE ‘Nuclear War Button’, no less!!!), and our response is by comparison, tepidly tepid milquetoast — “Huston, we have a problem”.

What to do… what to do… ?

W T F, whaddya mean, ‘What to do’???

If we are seriously going to blunder around these dilemmas like we are suffering blindness, we, as a nation, have very little hope of surviving this blitz.

For the good (welfare) of our civilization is, right now, at this moment, contracting in the throes of death.

(No, meatheads, this doesn’t mean we will be extinguished by this time tomorrow. But like the ice of our planet, we have begun our inexorable slide towards our demise as a nation.)

And if you are one of those that doesn’t think we’ve come to that, I say to you you are too close to see the forest for the trees.

For dying we are.

And die we will.

Unless we ALL do something TOGETHER that will effect change.

Enough of this pussy-footing around partisan party lines.

W T F party lines!? While the Titanic sinks!?

Right now, at this time, we can still effect change by nonviolent means.

But this is only going to work if MOST of America gets into the resistance action.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR NATIONAL (NONVIOLENT) CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE by all those whose faculties have not been circumvented by a virtual reality life.

Need a little more inspiration?


(Clue: look for modern parallels.)

If that doesn’t quite get you there, listen to Matt Damon’s recitation of Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”.

(Clue: again, look for parallels. See anything remotely familiar?)

If those two fundamentals aren’t enough to stir you to reflection and consequent action, ‘you’ are part of the problem. And none of this will impact your gray matter anyway.

Let those of us that are still in command of our faculties hope there exist enough others like us for us to mount a CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE RESISTANCE AND (NONVIOLENT) REVOLT.

Yes. We have come to that.

(Again I ask you, if you don’t believe we have, what dreadful consequence do you think needs to occur for us to ‘get there’…?)