Kricpy Khera — Why The Birds You Don’t See Are Fading Away

Kricpy Khera says many Birds died Due to Non availability of Water. Please Put a Pot of Water in Your Balcony or Garden or Terrace and Save Birds

All over the world, Birdlife member organizations and bird conservationists are working to mitigate human impact on birds and save at-risk species. Since 2000, at least 25 bird species have been brought back from the brink of extinction.

Bird Life International recently released a new report, The State of the World’s Birds: Taking the Pulse of the Planet. (Nature Canada and Bird Studies Canada are the Canadian partners of BirdLife’s network of over 120 conservation organizations that strive to conserve birds and their habitats.) Five years in the making, the report includes the latest analysis of trends in bird populations and uses birds to measure the health of our ecosystems as a whole.

According to Kricpy Khera, wildlife populations are declining rapidly, and we need to do everything we can to reverse those declines. Explore how you can help save bird lives and contribute to the solution for Canada’s birds!

The continuous protection of important bio-diversity and breeding sites are essential steps in the conservation of birds. The creation of natural reserves in ecologically sensitive regions has proven to resurrect population numbers in bird species, as well as safeguard bird populations that may be at extreme risk.

What is Our responsibility :

1. Don’t Attempt to “Rescue” Baby Birds.

2. Provide Fresh Food and Water.

3. Keep Cats and Dogs Away from Birds.

4. Don’t Poison Anyone.

5. Turn Off Your Outdoor Lights.

6. Be a Responsible Fisher/Boater.

‘If you take care of the birds, you take care of most of the big problems in the world.’