Things that give me life…

An incomplete list of things that give me life.

Music. Music reaches into my soul and speaks to who I truly am. I don’t have a particular genre I prefer or a particular genre I just can’t stand. If a song resonates then it’s going on my playlist. I collect songs like some people collect rocks. A friend of mine asked me to pick one song to describe who I am…who could pick only one? There are so many facets to me I don’t think there is one song to sum up them all. I have songs to describe the entire emotion rainbow, both seen and unseen.

Horses. There is something so forgiving about spending time with horses. If you have worked with horses or been horseback riding then you will know what I mean when I say “horse dust”. You know how newborn babies have a particular smell? So do horses and it is so calming to me. Horses are pure. They don’t lie.

Books. I love reading and falling into a different reality. I like to escape my own world, take a break from my own brain for a while. I can live a hundred lives through reading. One week I am fairy princess, next week I am a zombie killer. When I get nervous sometimes I tell myself the main character of my book would be brave. A little embarrassing but trust me it helps.

Poetry. I love watching poetry slams and spoken word poetry. It amazes me how people can convey so much emotion with a metaphor. It makes me think “that is EXACTLY how it feels”, and just like that I feel better. Someone understands and I feel validated. Sometimes they really turn the gears in my head and make me think about the big societal issues. It takes me out of the routine and makes me question my own thoughts and actions. How much is me and how much is society’s conditioning? An important question we should all ask ourselves in my opinion.

I hope this list made you think of things you love and raised your spirits.

Stay passionate guys!



No rhyme or reason

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