There’s value in trying things without commitment

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As I write this, there’s an almost-new guitar sitting in my parents’ basement, a pair of slightly scuffed tap shoes in my closet, one mostly deformed ring holder on my dresser, and a dwindling supply of handmade thank-you cards — well, somewhere in my apartment, I think.

Collectively, these items tell the story of a decade’s worth of short-lived forays into new hobbies. Over the past 10 years, I’ve taken five guitar lessons, six tap-dancing classes, eight pottery-wheel classes, a two-day letterpress workshop, and two beginner ballet classes. And this ragtag collection of souvenirs is all I have to show…

It has all the same benefits as a book club, but it’s more adaptable to busy schedules

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About a decade ago, shortly after my daughter was born, I developed my own private ritual: Whenever I needed a pick-me-up from the intense demands of new motherhood, I’d turn on the parenting podcast The Shortest Longest Time. During a period that could often feel isolating, it was comforting to hear other people’s stories about the highs and lows of parenthood — funny stories, heart-wrenching stories, sweet stories, stories that surprised me or made me think.

That podcast accompanied me through many long, dark nights with multiple feedings. It kept me amused during excruciatingly boring stroller walks around and around…

Take these real, not-a-crazy-person strategies with you on your next journey and remain in fine form from liftoff to landing and beyond.

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There’s already so much that can go wrong when traveling before you even throw your health into the mix. But if you’ve ever had a panic attack on the tarmac or stomach issues in a faraway land, you know that moving out of your comfort zone opens you up to new stressors, new germs and new opportunities to feel not your best. Here’s what top medical experts do to stay healthy on the road.

Your Body at 30,000 Feet

There are legit reasons why you feel out of sorts during a flight.

Your head throbs. The air up there is decidedly…

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