Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch User Interface
Charlie Deets

Great write up! Having been an avid Nintendo player since the NES came out, this is really one of their best systems from a UI standpoint, especially for new users. But some things I’d love to see addressed in future updates:

  • Friends UI: Would love to see better organization of this list. Once a user gets 20+ friends, the current structure can be a bit cumbersome. Especially when you have 5 friends named Andy. Who is who? Maybe a nickname functionality could help?
  • Security: Since the device is very mobile, maybe a pattern lock screen of some sort when unlocking the device. Optional of course
  • eShop: There are only two settings: require a password every time or not. If the user has it set to require a password, they can’t even browse before having to sign in. Maybe move this step to point of purchase?
  • Streetpass: This is more of a feature request. Love Streetpass from the 3DS and again with how mobile the system is, this would be a great fit!
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