How to Avoid being Verbally Abusive?

All relationships should be predicated on love, respect, honesty and communication. Unfortunately, many relationships fall short of this mark. Some, sadly, go so far as to be abusive. Relationships can be abusive without anyone ever lifting a threatening hand. In fact, psychological abuse can be as damaging as physical abuse — and even harder to recognize. If you feel put down, discounted or worthless in a relationship, consider whether you are the victim of verbal abuse and, if so, take action to stop the abuse.

Why Do Verbally Abusive People Act This Way?

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#1. Suppressed Guilt

#2. Failure In Life

#3. Inability To Take Responsibility

#4. They Lack The Ability To Forgive Easily

#5. They Run Low On Patience

How To Avoid Being Verbally Abusive?

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#1. Talk It Out

#2. Indulge In Physical Activity

#3. Seek A Professional

#4. Deal With The Roots Of This Problem

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