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The Kriptan Network (

In the world of decentralised networks, consensus is building around a powerful concept called self-sovereign identity (SSI). Here we discuss some of the limitations of some SSI implementations and discuss how these can be addressed. We introduce the Kriptan Network, which takes a unique approach to identity verification.

The core ideas behind self-sovereign identity (SSI) are very important. There is a growing movement to put users back in control of their own data and SSI is widely accepted as the most promising way to do this. The idea is that users control their data in their wallets, and share it…

“If your per­son­al data is nev­er col­lect­ed, it can­not be sto­len”.[1]

– Maria Dubovitskaya Cryptographer, Research Staff Member, IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Ph.D. in cryptography and privacy from ETH Zurich

Is Privacy for Your Identity Science Fiction?

Imagine a world where your personal data is only stored in a few databases, not hundreds or thousands. Imagine a world where you control where your personal data is shared. This capability is available today, thanks to a breakthrough cryptographic method called Zero Knowledge Proof.

What is Zero Knowledge Proof?

Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) is a cryptographic protocol that allows a prover to…

The ICO as a mechanism for creating new competitive companies delivering value is an exceptional one.[1]

–Kimon Lycos, Managing Director of Mihell & Lycos, Head of Project for Forever Has Fallen ICO.

What is a Token?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) generate digital tokens, primarily to fuel startups, ventures, or distributed applications (dApps). In the first several months of 2018, over 300 ICOs raised $7.8 billion, eclipsing all of the 2017 ICOs which raised $5.6 billion in 2017.[2]

Digital assets are a synonym for digital tokens. Tokens are sometimes called coins, and they are also called digital currency, cryptocurrency, or virtual…

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Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

Last Friday (May 4th), Christine Lagarde published an article in the Guardian on government corruption, calling for global financial centres to do their part in detecting and prosecuting corrupt activities. Lagarde points out how corruption damages social cohesion and deters investment. However, her key message was around transparency, particularly on the power of digital information systems to deliver a more transparent financial system. It seems clear from her previous statements (see below), that her thinking on this includes a very important role for blockchain technology.

At the same time as the IMF are working on this issue, another set…

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As we approach the thirtieth anniversary of the World Wide Web, we should definitely take the time to look back in awe at the amazing economic transformation the web has delivered. Yet, in this context, digital identity remains a serious concern. In fact, you could argue there is no such thing as a digital identity, certainly for the vast majority of users. All we have are hundreds of username/password combinations that allow us to access various services. How real-world identity maps to the digital world is still the subject of much debate. …

Kriptan Identity Network

The Global Identity Verification Network: High Assurance * Privacy Preserving * Public Trust

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