Bullish on Berachain Part I: The Future of MemeFi

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6 min readSep 25, 2022

You’re telling me a bear made this chain?

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post should construe investment advice. Berachain is not real, even if it was, you should not invest anything more than you can afford to lose at all times. NAFA, DYOR, BFT.

What does a collection of bears smoking weed have to do with DeFi? Easy: nothing makes sense in this post-value market anymore. Everything is a psyop, entire financial system is rigged, Nancy Pelosi’s dumping millions of NVIDIA shares before passing new laws and the way we’re fighting it is by aping into endless Doge/Shiba Inu clones and discussing Vitalik’s boner instead of anything technical related to The Merge. This is the dystopia we find ourselves in today.

Berachain fixes this.

Berachain fixes this.

Because Berachain has it all. The art, the memes, the community & the tech. So what is Berachain?

You will want to read these articles introducing the Berachain and detailing the technical aspects of Berachain (basically an EVM compatible Tendermint AMM Appchain with a three-token [gas / governance / stablecoin] standard, and the revolutionary Proof-of-Liquidity consensus mechanism). There’s already a long list of partners ready for launch such as Synapse and CrocSwap, as well as a host of native dApps building on Berachain. That’s all for the nerdy side.

Lets talk about the art and the rebases and how it helped build a slow & steady community over the last (difficult bear market) year. To understand Berachain, first you must understand The Bong Bears.

Bong Bears started with a collection of 107 “rebasing” “Beras”, pictures of bears smoking weed. With each rebase, every single Bera (individual NFT) got airdropped another Bera for a total of five rebases as of yet. With each rebase, the Bera family grew larger and stronger — so instead of a 10.000 piece profile-picture series dumping all at once, rebase by rebase, each and every Bera had their time in the sun, giving way to new rebases, each more extravagant than the last.

Let’s go through the collections one-by-one to understand the evolution of Berachain & Bong Bear NFTs..

  1. Bong Bears (The OGs)
Zeus OG Bera

Starting with a 101 Bera collection plus a handful of honoraries to Olympus team and frens. The collection started at a modest 0.0694Ξ (As of writing this article, the cheapest OG is 42Ξ with only 10 on the market). There’s one unmistaken quality about the art — that it’s a bunch of bears smoking weed. Beras in Pink Floyd t-shirts, Beras having munchies, Beras zooting out in rainbow shirts and all.

Just looking at them makes me FOMO, because I don’t have an OG (I used to carry the OG of Kalius from Guzzolene Finance, but that’s a different story) and while all Beras GMI, I still hope to own a piece of culture one day. (I remember Kalius telling me I could’ve asked Janitor to sell me Glitch Bera for 2Ξ back in the dinosaurs age and I thought he was joking and he wasn’t, so now the Glitch Bera is forever lost to me, but The Janitor has very interesting plans with it…)

The discussion of floor price is a ridiculous assumption with OGs because OGs are just not selling their Beras! The best way to buy/sell OGs is through Discord. Having %85 unique owners is an amazing feat for any small collection and OGs deserve the love and more. Time will Show how OG Bong Beras will be the Bitcoin/Crypto Punk of DeFi NFTs.

2. The Bond Bears

Bond Beras are the undercover agents of Bera community.

The second collection takes the Bera conspiracy deeper, with 126 super-agent bears ready for some action. Again, the floor doesn’t exist — there’s only seven Bond Bears available on OpenSea as of writing this, with 89 unique owners.

3. The Boo Bears

Halloween Oooga Boogas

The third collection, with 268 bears, has the bears expand into Halloween / monster realm, including she-beras, ghost buster beras, halloweed pumpkin and tentacles. Again, being a smol collection makes all the beras unique — with plenty of cool religious and değen references. With 145 unique owners, there’s only 25 beras available on OpenSea at 3.3Ξ floor around these times..

4. The Baby Bears

Baby Beras are licensed to cute.

This, I think, is one of the most key collections, at least as important as the rest of the earlier ones — The Baby Bears include the Baby versions of previous Beras, making people get addicted to collecting their Baby Beras. They’re the OG cute collection and look absolutely adorable. With 550 items and 220 owners, there’s quite a bit of market for the Babies. Again, only 27 babies are available on OpenSea; kind of insane if you consider that they’re twice the collection size of Boo Bears, with around a 1.6Ξ floor-price..

5. The Band Bears

Beras With Attitudes

With each rebase, you’d think that Beras would lose their collectibility, but each increasing collection size demands more variety and creativity: The Band Bears is a collection of 1175 Beras inspired by IRL musicians. From Ellie Goulding to Dr. Dre, from Eminem to The Scorpions, it’s a whole amazing collection of pop-culture legends, all dressed up as bears smoking weed. Only 56 beras out of 1175 are on sale on OpenSea, with a floor or price around 0.8Ξ.

6. The Bit Bears

Pixel Beras are the best looking beras so far.

Possibly my favorite collection to date; the team delivers another banger with amazing 8bit bears, released originally on SudoSwap pools. 2355 Beras that are the 8-bit versions of earlier Beras (and some new ones), these animated gifs are absolutely smashing. With a floor price of around 0.50Ξ, there are around 300 of these available between OpenSea and SudoSwap.

So, it’s been over a year of rebasing and community building — endless nights of CoD gaming, rap nights, poker nights, alpha shares, alpha leaks and surviving the bera market.

Why is no one selling their Beras? Because my Bera is me. Because all Beras gonna get $HONEY. Because all Beras are GMI. Simple as.

No one’s selling their beras because the brilliant team behind the Bong Bears are bringing you the L1 designed for liquidity-farming as a Cosmos Appchain that is EVM compatible, designed from the ground-up for providing liquidity & DeFi. Remember what we said earlier, that Berachain has it all? The art, the memes, the community & the tech? It’s no joke.

But maybe it’s all a psyops. Maybe you should read the docs, come to the Discord, play some poker and talk about a chain that a bera built. Maybe not.

In the next installment we’ll discuss some of the native dapps building on the Berachain, as well as talk about the first community memecoin airdrop for all of Bera holders.

Come join us on Discord & stay tuned!



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