Porting Moraza Tonight

When Max Thorely came out with his latest invention, I knew it was time to pull out my greatest hits. If anybody is going to get back on the stupid website bandwagon, it’s me.

Since first developing Moraza Tonight, a number of things have changed:

— The last time I looked, Mustache was no longer being maintained. It looks like this is no longer the case.

Heroku has ditched Unicorn.

Heroku has moved from Cedar-10 to Cedar-14.

— It’s 2017 so SSL, stupid.

On Porting Mustache
I’m going to have to dig back into the repo as somebody is doing something in there, however, the mustache-sinatra gem hasn’t seen any action in over two years. In saying that it was fairly simple to move the templating back to ERB.

On Porting Unicorn
I have a two boilerplates that I use in Frank’s Famous and Pizza Man (of which I need to make some updates as things have changed). When Heroku ditched Unicorn I updated these two repos to reflect the chance. Easy.

On The Cedar Update
A single Heroku command.

On It Being 2017
Again Heroku has made this both dead set simple and free. I use Rack::SslEnforcer in production to force SSL.

What The Hell Is Moraza Tonight?
Great question. One of my now ex-employees at Present Company (he left on good terms) decided it would be a very respectable thing to do in starting a Tumblr, Arturoes, that featured photos of people that I supposedly look like or vice versa. I was mostly okay with this. And me being me, I wasn’t going to let him get away that easily plus I wanted to have a play around with Redis so Moraza Tonight was born. It may well be the best use of SRANDMEMBER going round.

This story was first published on Kripy.

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