Dearest Doctor,

I feel like it is such an honor for me to be able to give back to what you do. All your life you have been curing, healing, saving lives, and a lot of times you are so caught up with saving the world, that you may forget to take the time out in thinking of some important matters in the years ahead, when you feel its time to slow down and enjoy the “pension” years, so I thought of sharing some carefully studied ideas when preparing for your “medical pension” also known as your “ reward fund” since in my line of work I also do the same as what you do, I am also a doctor but I specialize in “ finances” that’s why Im also known as a “ financial doctor”, so I thank you for the time and trust and here’s my gift to you.


1st Reminder: The simple formula in determining financial success is:


If you lack time, then you need to save more or get a better rate of return.

If you lack return, then you need more time or you need to save more.

If you lack savings then you need more time or a better rate of return.

2nd Reminder: Inflation impacts your savings and investments.

Inflation impacts all our savings and investments. The illustration above just showed how and we can all relate to that. Question: How can we beat inflation? Save more, spend less, start now and place your money in high yielding placements.

If the past is any indicator of the future, inflation will continue.

3rd Reminder: Make Money Work For You

Healing, curing, saving patients may be your passion doc, and I salute you for what you do, however, you can only do so much because you only have two hands and 24 hours a day. As you close your clinic, income stops too, so now that you still have the energy,great health, and active income let money work for you too so that you may have one physical clinic and the rest are your “ virtual clinics”. Convert your income into savings, so that one day your savings can be converted back into income for you.

4th Reminder: Number 1 Rule in investing: Never ever under- diversify

One of the constant things in this life is CHANGE so every source of income, saving,investment and business, can be likened to gambling nothing is guaranteed, so like the person riding on the elevator with 5 strings , learn to diversify and not put everything in one place. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

5th Reminder: Save Regularly, Carry little debt. Be Patient and Prepare for death and disiability.

Financial wellness like our physical wellness plays a huge part on how we function here on earth, do you also agree doc? Because how can we afford to buy our medicines when our health demands it if we dont have the money?

We can never attain financial freedom or win the financial marathon if any of the four keys are missing.

With little savings or insurance, or massive debt, there is potential to really hurt yourself at the end of your long run to retirement.

Question: What part of your picture is missing doctor?

What can we do right now to help you win your financial marathon?

Allow me to help you with that.

Your Financial Doctor,

Krisel Anne M. Garin