Dearest Friend,

I thought of sharing a few of my adventures outside of my comfort zone. Are you are still lying comfortably inside there? Do you know how it feels like to get out and what it looks like out of the deadly zone? Maybe you have been out of there once or twice, so maybe you can resonate to this…Being out there means…feeling butterflies running around your tummy, or your knees and your voice shaking!!! But after a few mins of doing what you have to do despite your fear, you will feel so proud of yourself that you do it again and again and again, you master your own fear and you realize that your actually getting better.

May you find fear of the unknown slowly draining out from your system by reading this because indeed the life that you always dreamed of for yourself, is just one step outside of your comfort zone.

Have you ever?

STARE AT YOUR PHONE FOR THE LONGEST TIME BECAUSE THIS PROSPECTIVE CLIENT INTIMIDATES YOU? I know for most people in sales, they look at doing cold calls as a chore, and I thought of making this very important activity not a chore by doing this with a partner/friend, so that even if its still nerve racking at times, when you do it alternately with a partner, it becomes a whole lot of fun plus you get the time to breathe when its her turn to do the call. Often times the ones you dread to call are those who will give you the appointment and will end up to be your loyal client, I’m speaking based on my recent experiences, so swallow that big toad of fear and keep calling, keep approaching and let your value be known by giving value to the lives of those people you reach out to.

HAVING DOUBLE THOUGHTS IN SHOWING UP TO THAT APPOINTMENT BECAUSE ITS A WEEKEND. On one particular Saturday, I was making different plans for my weekend and completely forgetting about a Saturday appointment or I should say my mind intentionally forgot about it, but while preparing lunch I stumbled upon my organizer and saw the 2pm appointment, so despite the raging voices of temptation not to call and confirm our after lunch agreed appointment, I still called and that became an almost on the spot closed sale for me. I just did the inconvenient and success came into the door.

SHOWING UP TO THAT PARTY BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW ANYONE THERE EXCEPT THE HOST AND YOU FEAR YOU WILL SIT THERE ALONE WHILE EATING LIKE A LOSER. I received a message from somebody inviting me for dinner in their home one day, and the number was not registered on my phone and when I asked who that was, it happened to be a client who was using a new number inviting me to join her and her family on a farewell dinner for her dad because her dad is going back to US the very next day.

Eventhough I was hesitating in my mind because it will be the first social gathering I will be attending and that the only people I know will be the host, I still said yes, with the awareness that everything that is happening is Gods assistance for the realization of my dreams, and true enough that night I met the sister of the dad of my client who showed interest on saving for her youngest son and the very next week, we met again to finalize the investment, she wants to start for her son.

I went out of my comfort zone and I met a client that brought big business in my sales and not only that it also became the opportunity for me give value to their familys lives.


This is actually how I started my year. I was clueless.We all wait for that perfect day where the perfect idea will come, and then we start doing something for our dreams. However, in my case I started this year clueless, what else must I do to start the year productively. Honestly, I have no grand ideas how to start when it felt like my contacts have been drained out already since its my 4th yr in this industry already. However, instead of waiting for the big idea to come along, I started with whatever idea that came to my mind. And since I dreaded to make calls again, I dont know what happened, I started by asking help to do my calls, thats just the idea I started with and never did I imagine will lead me to such breakthroughs. We dont need a big idea, we just need to get started wherever we are and one thing leads to another.


Never expect that your journey to be purely cupcakes and rainbows. It is already a given fact that you will be eating your “ shit sandwiches” ( a term i learned from elizabeth gilberts book, the big magic) as you pursue any goal or dream at all, and one of the shit sandwiches I have eaten are countless “ i am too busys”, stood up moments during appointments, canceled contracts even when the policy contract is already there, objections, rejections… there is no immunity here. The fact is, even though you have dealt with different forms of rejections or failures.. pain will still be felt every time “shit” happens. So what do I do when such things happen? One particular “ not so good day” what I did was looked for things inside my room that I can give and before meeting with my clients the next day with a friend, I felt that feelings of deep gratitude and gave those gifts away to those people living on the streets. It felt sooooo good! That afternoon I closed 3 quality cases or sales! Thats the power of “ giving”.


We all know that most people created a common impression among all types of agents as “ annoying” because even when they say: I will just text or call you, the lowly salesman will drain the batteries of your mobile phone out of calling the you 24/7. Im talking about my own personal experience. That salesman really totally changed my mind in buying that car. I cannot say that I have already mastered the art of making follow ups but for me what works best is before parting ways with your client one must cordially ask: when is the best time to make my follow up? Then do what you say. Knowing intuitively the right time to make that follow up must be mastered too and of course the right way to do it.

There are times where I still hesitate in doing follow ups because Im not sure if Im already becoming annoying but to do my job I stick to what I said. If I said, I will make follow up on this particular date then I do. Whatever the clients decision I take note and I just let go.

Letting Go is a skill that needs to be mastered too in sales. Attachment or being desperate in anything in life at all will scare anything thats good. How do we let go? A specific scenario would be. I carefully prepare every single detail before meeting my client, wear my best self, close the sale by making the client understand the value of my services and whatever her decision will be, I take note of what she said and whatever we agreed on, I hang on to that but I will continue to do my mission spreading value to the world and not hang on to that single person.


Not all of the time you get so lucky to belong to a supportive team, or have a supportive manager or cheerleaders on your side who will cheer you when the road appears to be bumpy with rejections, lean seasons, or the changes that are constantly taking place are just way too fast to adapt to, when you only have yourself to depend on, be your very own cheerleader…. Stop complaining of whats not there, like what I did before, instead… look for what you have and start from whatever is available, when these moments happen what I do is step back, do the things I love such as meditate, hug my pup, and “GIVE”. The fastest way to feel better is to think of how to create happy faces through random acts of kindness. Pay a grampa in a home a visit. Give food to street kids. Pay the bill of the next person sitting next to you in that coffee shop.

When you feel better then you keep digging!

Ask yourself : Is the “ shit sandwiches” that goes with this dream that I am pursuing is worth eating? If the answer is. “HECK YES”! then your in the right track! Congratulations! If not, then you can always change directions! Even if you realize this at the age of 50, I dont think its too late to change paths, my mom is retaking the bar exam after a decade of her second take at the age of 54! Never seen her so alive and happy pursuing that dream again! Its always worth it….after all we just have one life to live! Choose the right dream and lets keep digging! The world need the value we can bring out only if we get out of that deadliest comfort zone, so get out of there my friend!!!

Live strong!



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