It’s been about 3 weeks since my last update, and I’ve been busy.

First up, the research tree is finished up to Tier 4…Depending on how things go, I will do Tier 6. I will be testing this for now

So each question mark and X is a clue…this can either be something that requires resources to collect, or we have to explore to find the clue to

So after the last update, I retooled all my design documents and plans and trello board to clearly put in place what I want this game to be and the way forward.

The past two weeks I’ve shown the game to a few friends of mine that play a lot of games to see if they could find anything I couldn’t see.

First up was the crappy highlight of the hexes I had from the beginning. Before, I want the player to drag and drop boxes that had the coordinates of the hexes in them…but now I want them to…

So, I came to a large design problem.

I knew how long it would take me to make the game I wanted to make. Probably a year. With story, and events, and endings. It was a huge undertaking, and I hadn’t yet finished all the elements I wanted.

I was watching some Let’s Plays of Alien Legacy, the game this is all inspired from. And it was fun to watch someone else struggle with the game from 1993. But one thing they kept saying was, “I wish someone would remake this game”

The game had a lot of design flaws…

Refactoring for Multiple planets, starting research

So now I have a solar system, it’s time to start filling it with things. The first thing I had to do was refactor my code for multiple planets. While it had been structured for multiple planets from the beginning, I had gotten lazy in a few areas and assumed that the planet was at

This caused a few problems, because I actually didn’t know perfectly how everything worked, specifically with cross products. You see they had worked fine before, because what I hadn’t known was that transform.position minus …

One of the most exciting aspects of the games I played as a kid that is heavily influencing this game is the exploration of an unknown solar system.

With the logistics done, I’m basically done with the mechanics of a single planet. Now lets focus on getting a solar system up.

I updated the planet texture with some more higher res graphics. I used a shader instead of creating vertexes from scratch with the help of some shader assets I bought. I’m really impressed with it and I absolutely love it. …

There hasn’t been alot of update to the game. I’ve mostly been researching sound design and UI design. I went and updated the look and feel of my UI, and I’ve created a sound audio player object where I can inject a line of code into events that will play whatever sound I want it to.

Mainly I’ve been looking at the shape and path of the game. Before today, it really just wasn’t that interesting and fun to play in the first place.

So how do I change that?

I’ve been doing a lot of research into what I…

This week detailed basically the last mechanic I had planned for the game. I wanted to take the unused hexes that weren’t colonies and I wanted to clear them out for large 1 building colony slots basically. The first two I had in mind were to build carriers and to build planetary orbital cannons. I decided to start with carriers, because their logic was already set in the game.

I also made some balance changes. I didn’t want to deal with iron/copper, since it was just too cumbersome and similar to other games. Instead I switched back to Matter and…

Sorry for the long time from posting, but I wanted to take a break. I was mentally exhausted looking at my code over and over again, and I fixed a lot of stability bugs in my last update. The game was nice, it was mine, it did everything I told it to.

3D vector math is not nice, and to get fighters and squads and carriers to move around took alot of relearning things like dot products and cross products. So I took some time to refresh my mind on what I wanted with all of this. Did my taxes…

This week I implemented my upgrade system.

Basically, there were 6 resources named Alpha -> Omega, and each one would produce the one below it. When you upgraded, it would increase the amount made by 5 and needs by 2, and then make that building require the upgrade material by 1.

The first problem that took me forever to figure out is, if I upgraded a building, it upgraded EVERY copy of the building…not just the one I was messing with.

This took me TWO DAYS to figure out. At first I thought the buildings had the same copy of…

This has been one heck of a week. I’m starting to feel the pressure to get this out and moving. I have lots of other projects that keep popping into my head, and I keep shelving them to actually finish a project.

Alot has happened this week. The first big one was that the building editor is complete. I went through and tested it extensively and the resource and building editor are now up and running and I’m able to quickly put things into the game now.

Lots of things going on here. We have resources needed to build the…

Kris Wolfe

I am an aspiring game developer and enjoy making the games that I like to play

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