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Competitive Programming is something that barely someone know about. Unless and until someone tells about coding or we see someone doing competitive coding we won;t get to know about that. Even I myself didn’t know anything about coding until I came across “python programming language” in my B-Tech 1st year. And I was shocked knowing that more that 75% of my class know how to code. As I studied under SSC(Secondary School Certificate) there was nothing like computer subject. And this was because:

Are you Demotivated ?

In this world most of the people are craving to do something great for their better future. Let it be a student, salesperson, software developer, businessman,etc,…in the start they will be very much enthusiastic of the work they are doing. But as the time passes within few days more than 50% of the people lose their confidence on their work. So, then what they do ?

The people who started off their work with desire, dedication and who had a great interest in it, they will definitely succeed in their sustained word. …

Sai Krishna

Amateur Writer

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