This is neutrality drivel though.
Reggie Meisler

Time to grow up, kiddies. The election is over; and we all played a part in electing trumper, whether you voted for him, Stein, or failed to vote at all. It is time to get over all those imaginary hurts that y’all suffered so badly last year, and come together and start planning for the 2018 elections. We need ELECTABLE candidates, not unelectable pie in the sky dreamers. Our Democratic candidates have to appeal to a broad section of the people, not just young progressives, the middle aged, the older Americans, moderates and (gasp!) those you call establishment Democrats.

If you ever want to see any of your precious dreams come to fruition, you had best come down to reality and work to get rid of the republicans. Without a majority in the House and the Senate, you can cry, complain and bewail what is going on all you want, but it won’t do any good. So…grow up, get a clue (and that is for everyone) and do what is good for all of us, not just your own ego.

As for Bernie, he needs to get back to the Senate and start doing his job.

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