Thanks Krishna, but when you publish articles promoting hatred of a certain group of people just…
Paul T

A reply to Paul T: On freedom of expression

First, you will admit that all have got a right to express his/her opinion regarding any subject in whatsoever manner and form chosen to express that, at least in a democratic platform. You may agree with the subject matter or not that depends on you, but you cannot say that this opinion or thought should not be expressed. This line of thinking is medieval.

“Thoughts and Ideas” being a completely democratic platform, helping people to share their opinion , is dedicated to upheld this freedom of every man and woman: it is, at least, a small endeavor of mine, the editor, to support this free expression of opinion and thought as long as it does not infringe any law.

No one force you to subscribe or agree to the views forwarded by the particular article in question — “women have a right to hate men,sorry, y’all, misandry is justifiable” — that does not mean you are going to dictate what people are going to write or say. People are wise enough to chose and decide what is good and what is bad for themselves and the society. I, personally, don’t agree with the article, that does not mean I will say and dictate over the will of others to feel the same way as I feel. If you want to oppose what the writer has written, then you write another article stating your viewpoint, and I would be very happy to publish it in my publication. It would be most democratic and sensible for us to do so.