Hitting Home: a new politics of the everyday
Pete Buttigieg

I’ve been fairly obsessed with the idea that liberals need to make LIBERTY our central message and reclaim it from the gun fetishists and selfish corporatist libertarian zealots who dominate the right.

Self-determination in body, mind, and spirit. For everyone. There is nothing more bedrock American, and it happens to be the ultimate goal of almost everything liberals fight for. So why don’t we say it? Because conservatives put their hooks in it? Well, for God’s sake, take it back!

This is real liberty/freedom:
• Work that pays 
• Affordable healthcare, free of uncertainty about whether you will have it from year to year and job to job
• Autonomy over your body (Picture young women with Don’t Tread on Me flags draped around their hips.)
• A healthy, stable environment (If you do not have clean drinking water, or greedy frackers have turned your town into an earthquake zone, your liberty has been filched.)
• Protection from personal and economic exploitation and violence
• Full, fair voting rights and trust in our electoral system
• A society that respects your dignity and believes you have worth, no matter who you are or how much money you have in the bank.