iTeach: iLove What I Do!

“Now, what exactly do you do?” That is the question I get asked the most when people hear I work at iTeach at Kennesaw State University as an Instructional Technology Specialist. “Living the dream” sounds kind of crazy, but that is how I would really like to respond. For those that want a little more detail, I’m happy to add that as well.

My day is almost never the same. While I do report to a school and support teachers regularly, the day always unfolds differently. Sometimes I collaborate with a teacher during her planning period and brainstorm possibilities for engaging students. Other times I model ways to deliver instruction using best practices with technology. Some days I just provide moral support for teachers ready to try something new for the first time and just want me there “in case”. Sometimes I just show them how to make a hyperlink work in a Word document and I have made their week.

I guess I fibbed just a bit. There is one constant in my work. I learn something new every single day. Hey, if an educator can’t embrace lifelong learning, who can? I am very appreciative to the coaches I work with, the director I work for and the teachers who partner with me on these journeys.

I love the adventures of my job. Supporting teachers through embedded professional development is my dream job. How about you? Are you living your passion everyday? What if I asked you to tell me about your work? Are you living your dream?

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