Should I Make Medium My Blog Home?

People piss me off. I mean, you know, a handful of people just irritate me. Okay, most people I come into contact with really piss me off.

Case-in-point: I’ve just spent two days chatting and emailing back and forth with “support” at my current hosting company.

I can’t tell you their name, that would be indiscreet.


There’s no point in going into all the redundant details of this fiasco, you’ve been there, I’m sure, but it’s yet another reason I’m thinking about moving all my shit over here.

What do the Internet Guru’s Say?

Well, it depends on which day it is and to whom you listen. (That’s correct, right?)

Some say to only play in your own backyard. Own your own shit. Make your own rules, do your own thing. That makes total sense to me. I’m not a big follower-of-rules. Just the idea that there is a set of rules about what I can or cannot do makes me uncomfortable.

But when you have your own site, you also have the headaches that come with it; the updates, the plugin’s….all the techy details. I suck at it. It stresses me out. Makes me want to throw my trusty Macbook out the window.

I love @Medium.

It looks good, has it’s own built-in community, people are talking about it, surfing it and making connections—which is great, right?

I Could “What-If” Myself to Death

What if:

  • I want to sell a product?
  • I want to offer a service?
  • I change my mind and want to start over?
  • Medium decides to add some fucked up rules that I can’t deal with and I’ve developed fabulous relationships with millions of incredible people and now I have to take my ball and go home because people just piss me off?

For now, I’m going to be here.

I’ll keep you posted.

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