GSoC 2019: Project IRISpy 3.1 — the Way Down

Kris Stern

Grateful to report that I have eventually solved the issues encountered as stated in blog post 2.2 in the series for my GSoC project… and most important of all with my mentors’ blessings I have successfully passed the 2nd coding phase. Moreover, I am delighted to report that my most significant contribution on GitHub thus far, which is the PR to enable time-dependent effective areas determination of IRISpy, has been merged about 6 days ago. More can be found about this PR at the link

Currently I am continuing on my efforts to complete the project by updating the intensity methods between instrument and physical units, in another PR at . My goal is after finishing up this PR then move on to completing the testing by tidying up loose-ends left in PR #108 and add to it the required tests. The challenges remain is to determine the test cases used and the best way to keep the tests neat. I have already begun work on the testing front as well, though a former PR has not been opened for it yet.

All in all everything is looking good. I am looking forward to continue working under the supervision of my project mentors further before GSoC 2019 comes to a close in about 2 to 3 weeks’ time. Their expertise and patience have been amazing, and I am grateful for their mentorship.

Kris Stern

Written by

GSoC 2019 Student Developer

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